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At Dots.Recycling our vision is to create a sustainable future where waste is reduced and resources conserved. Through the development of circular systems, our goal is to extend the life- and value of products, leading to a future friendly and waste-free environment for all.

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Our commitment to a sustainable tomorrow

To serve as a blueprint for creating a more sustainable and equitable world, we have made it a priority to incorporate the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into our business operations.

Dots Recycling Quality education

Securing sustainable

At Dots.Recycling we work for quality education by supporting The United Nations sustainability target 4.7, which aim is to ensure that all learners acquire the knowledge- and skills needed to promote and learn about a sustainable future. We believe that education on environmental awareness should happen already from an early age, which is why we invest in developing tangible educational initiatives for the youngest members of society. By focusing on such a specific target, we hope to inspire circular thinking, and promote environmental awareness. If you are interested in having us teach a hands-on course on sustainability and innovation at your school, we would be honored to do so. To get in touch with us, you can send an email to info@dotsrecycling.com, and we will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss the details of the course and make arrangements.

    Dots Recycling Response consumption and production

    Ensuring a circular future

    The main objective of Goal 12 is to achieve a sustainable and circular economy, where resources are used efficiently, and waste is reduced without compromising economic growth and human well-being. At Dots.Recycling, we can contribute to achieving this by addressing the following targets 12.5, 12.7 and 12.8. Through our business we work directly towards reducing waste generation through the reuse of waste materials. We promote sustainable consumption patterns by offering our products in single packs, sell spare-parts, as well as, we come up with suggestions on how to prolong the life-span of our products. Furthermore, we try as hard as we can to contribute to reaching the targets by raising awareness on the importance of sustainable consumption, and production, and addressing the negative impacts of waste and the benefits of a circular economy.

      Dots recycling climate action

      Sustainability starts with action

      As the world faces increasing environmental challenges, it's more important than ever for businesses to act and do their part in promoting sustainability. Dots.Recycling is built on the call for urgent action, and it’s rooted in everything we do. At our core we focus on diverting waste from landfills and on conserving resources to reduce the overall carbon footprint and the use of new production materials in multiple industries. At Dots.Recycling, we hope to inspire others to think about circularity when developing new products, and we hope by giving players the opportunity to recycle their used tennis- and padel balls that they will see how easy it is to take action. Climate action does not only have to be high-tech, but it can also be low-tech and a series of small steps that in the end can have a significant impact.

        Felt pads used from tennis fields
        Hand with a tennis ball to make a felt pad

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