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Upcycled tennis- & padel balls

The planet friendly choice in premium felt pads

  • Felt Pads for designer chairs made from upcycled materialFelt Pads for designer chairs made from upcycling used tennis balls

Complement your home’s aesthetic in a few simple steps

With our two colors we promise a great look up-close and from afar

  1. 1
    Yellow and grey sustainable felt pads for furniture

    Pick your style
    Whether you want a fresh pop of color, or a more natural blend, we got the felt pad for you. Increase the stability of your furniture by selecting a pad size that’s slightly smaller than your furniture legs, and serve up your floors with some exceptional protection.

  2. 2
    Yellow and black felt pads for furniture and chairs

    Buy the felt pads you need
    Prioritize quality, choose sustainability. At Dots.Recycling we offer both individual furniture packs and larger multi-room packs to fit your specific needs, while reducing excessive waste.

  3. 3
    Yellow Tennis ball used for making felt pads to furniture

    Try worry-free for 60 days
    Uncertain about size or color? No worries. All Dots come with a 60-day trial period for your peace of mind. If the Dots don't fit your furniture or style, simply return them to us and we'll be happy to provide you with the ones you need.

  4. 4
    Blue chairs use felt pads with recycled material

    Enjoy with our exclusive 2 year warranty
    Made from one of the most durable game balls ever, our felt pads are near indestructible. Should they break within the first 2 years, return them to us so we can turn them into other products, and we'll replace your old ones free of charge .

Pay less for protecting your floors

All our felt pads are built to last and withstand the test of time. This means you wont have to replace them as often - saving you both time and money in the long run.


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Felt pads used from tennis fields
Yellow felt pads used for under the table and chairs
Felt pads used for designer chair and table
Blue chairs use felt pads with recycled material
Used tennis balls before upcycling into felt furniture pads