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Dots.Recycling offers 3 different sizes, each with a specific focus to give you the most seamless home experience when it comes to installation and durability. All you need to do is measure the diameter of where you wish to place your Dot, and you’re good to go.

Smaller chairs and home decor are most often the perfect fit for our 17MM Dot that has a size range from 17MM to 21MM. This is a fairly small dot, and the perfect fit for most string leg chairs, home décor, and accessories like decorative trays, vases, floor- or table Lamps.

In most cases, our 22MM Dot will be the choice for you. It has a range from 22MM-26MM, which covers the most standard of furniture sizes. Whether this be chairs, love seat sofas or tables – our 22MM most likely the choice for you. If in doubt, this is the size we recommend to most of our customers.

For sofas and larger furniture, we recommend our 27MM size. It has a range from 27MM and up, and this is your choice for wide leg sofas, beds and counters. If necessary, we advice to install 2-3 dots either side-by-side or in a triangle for extra large furniture pieces. This will guarantee you the most seamless experience, and if in doubt you are always welcome to contact our customer service that is always ready to help.




Size Range




22mm - 26mm


27mm - no limit